Corporate finance

All businesses need to maintain a balance between a positive cashflow and adequate working capital and a reasonable return on investment. Directors’ pay, shareholder dividends, and debt repayments need to be carefully decided to ensure the smooth running and continued growth of the business.

Moreover, while proper provision needs to be made for possible external changes such as economic downturns or fluctuations in exchange rates or interest rates, and internal changes such as temporary or permanent loss of key employees, it is equally important that any finance raised by the business is are made to work for the business.

Your business may need special finance requirements for business expansion, mergers and acquisitions, MBOs, and MBIs. Preparing business plans and finance applications require expertise for the best possible results are to be achieved.

There are the financial implications of ensuring a suitable exit route for the current business owners.

These are all matters on which Kingsley & Co can advise and guide your business.

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